Event & Exhibition

From the scientific concept to the physical display, we are experts in following every phase of the organization of an Event or Exhibition. Our multidisciplinary team includes a wide range of expertise, resulting in creative and scientifically accurate exhibitions for museums, research institutes and companies. We guarantee the highest scientific accuracy, the most convincing narrative and the shortest time to market.

VIS Exhibit

Extended Reality, VR/AR for Exhibits


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) simulates three-dimensional images and settings with which you can interact, allowing people to perceive a wide range of emotions, creating an immersive world in which science can be experienced from a new perspective. The scientific accuracy of our applications, innovative and engaging narrative, combined with state-of-the-art VR technology and realism, provide visitors with unique “virtual dives into science”.

MOON LANDING VR 360 now available

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) combines real life objects with the digital world. Starting from an existing real world environment, this technology creates a new level of information that can be accessed interactively, allowing people to discover and learn in a new and engaging way. With AR, a simple scientific image can hide an in-depth study, down to the precision and detail required, making the experience fun and instructive.

Let’s make science beautiful