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Quantum Pills


“Quantum Science”

We have developed a concept for short scientific videos, Video Pills. They are targeted for the web, Youtube, Vimeo and institutional or private platforms. The aim is to deliver scientific concepts, research material or fundamental science through short animations and “explainer videos” with our own style: rigorous science and beautiful visuals.
This product falls under our Video portfolio.

Quantum Pills Quantum World
from “Quantum Science Introduction”
Quantum Pills Scientists
from “Quantum Science Introduction”

We are extremely happy to be working with a group of amazing Quantum Science and Quantum Computing researchers and scientists from AAlto University, Helsinki University and Università di Pisa.
We are creating with them a series of Quantum Video Pills for a splendid initiative called QPlayLearn (https://qplaylearn.com) with whom we share values and goals.

From the QPlayLearn website:


Our mission is to provide multilevel education on quantum science and technologies to everyone, regardless of their age and background.We use innovative interactive tools to make the learning process more effective and fun, and accessible at different levels, without giving away scientific correctness.
QPlayLearn allows users to

1. Get intuition about quantum phenomena without having to dig into mathematical technicalities.
2. Understand quantum technologies and its implications to society.
3. Access new markets and careers that will emerge around quantum technologies.

Like all our Science Video Pills – the Quantum Pills are targeted for the web, Youtube, Vimeo or other institutional or private platforms. They can be scalable and are 2K/4K broadcast ready. We can create and deliver a concept for a series, or like in this case (Quantum Science & Computing ), make them eligible to be integrated in longer documentary or educational video formats.

Let’s make science beautiful